Realistic expectations.

About us

Mopita is an Italian company specialized in the production and marketing of kitchen and tableware. All this thanks to creativity, flexibility and innovation. We use the best marketing strategies to offer the best quality, the most reasonable price and a careful selection of products. Our creative team quickly transforms ideas into fully equipped and customized programs according to the specific needs of each interlocutor.

Mopita has been providing products under five different brands Mopita, Ambiente, Q.b., Wegg and Orla Kiely.

The past is our history. The present our gift.
The future … our imagination.

Realizing products with an original design, durable and of quality needs not only technical and logistic, but also artistic professionalism. For us good aesthetic Italian taste, creative and functional intuitions, attention to details and selection of raw materials are crucial elements to satisfy our customers. We are aware of having the great opportunity, and so the responsibility, to enter homes all over the world and we do it with high-quality products, which do not contaminate and alter food. Our aim is to offer items that are aesthetically excellent and efficient to all cooking lovers. Moreover, we never omit the importance of environmental sustainability that we pursue with determination.

Our goal is to create a brand that make beauty is an accessible value.

Kitchenwares are a tradition and an old art for Italians. Mopita offers you the tools, free your imagination according to your taste.



We project and manufacture items for Today. Maybe for Tomorrow, too. Without forgetting who we have been, the tastes we liked as children, the shapes we can recollect. This is what we think about being modern: keep up with deep origins to renew fearless.



We deeply analyse markets, we feed our curiosity, we look what happens all over the world, with no hurry. Not to act as others do, but to be aware of the evolution of mass taste. Maybe moving it up.



The knowledge of raw materials and manufacturing techniques, the experience developed in many years of work, production and organizational abilities wouldn’t be needed without this fire that burns: not under pots, pans or casseroles, but inside us.



We are Italian in our taste for beauty, in our love for tradition, in our pleasure for creativity, in our desire to travel on new roads. In all other things we are a little bit Swiss.



A company is ethical, or it is nothing. It is fair to its co-workers, customers and partners, or it is nothing. Nothing more to be added.



Good cookware should be of quality. Beautiful, useful and practical. And easy to use. And never, never boring.


  1. Offering a wide range of products of high-quality products at affordable prices.
  2. Planning, developing and manufacturing cookware with an original design using high-quality raw materials that do not contaminate or alter food.
  3. Realizing products respecting the environment and using technologies that optimize energy use.
  4. Promoting the know-how of Mopita in the world, that has been developed in 30 years of experience in this field.
  5. Support the process of revaluation of Italian industrial and artisanal production, since it led Made in Italy to excel in commercial competition.