Wine is a work of art to be exhibited

We wanted to create a product useful as a container, made to keep the wine cool and bring it to the optimal temperature, but with an intriguing design which can be presented at the table, which can be used over and over again, even as a kind of gift to give to a friend, maybe on a special occasion.

It contains: WEGG is a container of wine bottles.

Gift: WEGG is a refined design object, an exclusive gift for special occasions.

It cools: Thanks to its innovative cooling kit containing reusable jelly, WEGG is also able to cool bottles.

It lasts: Special insulation system allows WEGG to keep the temperature constant for hours.

Wegg is the synthesis of a thorough study of functionality, materials, aesthetics and practicality that condense into the essentiality of its forms.
WEGG was designed to be beautiful but always responsive to the concept of functionality.
Each component, even the least visible, has been designed to be attractive but useful at the same time.